New Publication: Diagnostic utility of a nasal/oral cannula with linearized pressure flow


Need an alternative to a thermistor? The AHI is the key measure used for identification of OSAS and for quantifying disease severity. Because of the nonlinear flow curve with high sensitivity of the thermistor in the low flow range and high sensitivity of the nasal pressure in the high flow range AASM guidelines recommend a nasal oral thermistor to determine apneas and a nasal cannula to determine hypopneas.

This study aimed to determine the diagnostic utility of a new nasal/oral cannula with a linearized pressure flow (NOC) in comparison to AASM recommended combination of thermistor and nasal cannula (TNC) during routine clinical PSG.

G. Küchler, I. Fietze, M. Partinen, H. Hein, R. Warmuth, P. Jennum. ERS 2017, Poster

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