Online Dealer Meeting 2021 | India – Middle East

Online Dealer Meeting


In the end of February and beginning of March we offered our first ”Online Dealer Meeting” for our distributors in India and the Middle East. Normally, each year we invite all our dealers to Randersacker to join us for an International Sales Meeting, but as this isn’t possible in the current situation with COVID-19, our country and region managers for India and Middle East came up with the idea of a virtual Dealer Meeting to keep our dealers up to date.

The aim was to create the feeling of a face-to-face meeting and to share experiences, challenges and needs. Sixty people took part and listened to presentations by Tinta Visser, Hatem Khalil, L D Murthe, Pankaj Arora and Ali Ewida who spoke about the latest news at SOMNOmedics, new developments, special features and product basics. Well done!