Polysomnography with wireless sensors is finally here – exclusively from SOMNOmedics

The future of high-definition polysomnography begins with the SOMNO HD ™.

One third smaller than the SOMNOscreen ™ plus, the new powerhouse SOMNO HD ™ offers excellent signal quality with a sampling rate resolution of up to 4 kHz per channel.

The high-resolution touch screen allows for easy and intuitive operation, and is intuitive as a smart phone. In addition, the signal and impedance controls can be performed directly on the display at the bedside.

Intelligent Connect™

The new Intelligent Connect ™ technology simplifies sleep lab handling:
The SOMNO HD ™ automatically detects which sensor has been connected!

This allows you to freely select a slot for the sensors and also allows changing and adding sensors during the measurement. Incorrect measurements due to incorrectly inserted sensors are a thing of the past: If a PC installation was selected before cabling, the device will indicate any missing sensors.

But even without any assembly, measurements can now be started directly on the device – simply connect the desired sensors and start the measurement!

Integrated Sensors

In order to keep the number of cables on the patient as low as possible, the RIP sensor for the abdomen effort as well as the pressure sensor were laid in the base unit. An innovative lateral sliding connection keeps the RIP-Effort belt securely in the device.

To avoid unintentional removal of the sensors during the night, the sensor cables are routed behind the device. That’s how they fix themselves.

Excellent signal quality

  • Sample rate: up to 4 kHz / channel
  • ECG channels with 24-bit resolution
  • Low noise technology for noise reduction
  • Continuous impedance control during the measurement

Docking station for simple device management

The docking station charges the Li-Ion battery of the SOMNO HD ™ and regularly loads free firmware updates. So your SOMNO HD ™ is always up to date.

The virtual docking station on the PC displays the current status of the device.

Of course, the SOMNO HD ™, like the other SOMNOmedics devices, also offers real-time telemetric data transfer to a PC or tablet. In addition, the measured data is also saved onto the internal memory and can be transferred at the end of the night via the docking station. So no measurements are ever lost.

Advantages of wireless technology over traditional cabling

  • excellent signal quality
  • Time saving (quicker to apply)
  • more freedom  for the patient
  • Minimize parts that wear quickly (cables and plugs)

Wireless PLM-EMG-Sensors

  • Guaranteed measuring time of 10 hours
  • Continuous detection of electrode impedance
  • Sample rate adjustable between 64-512 Hz
  • Synchronicity ≤ 60 ms
  • Automatic activation or
  • Start of measurement after application on the skin
  • Simple application with
  • Disposable electrodes (Ag / AgCl)
  • No additional costs due to rechargeable, environmentally friendly Li-Ion batteries