• The SOMNOtouch RESP PSG is showing raw EEG data
    The SOMNOtouch RESP PSG is showing raw EEG data

Adjustable 4/s to 512/s sample rate with 12 Bit resolution


Automatic sensor & electrode recognition


Small, compact, robust design


Shortest EEG Electrode with Continuous Impedance Check


Cuffless Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement


Transfer measurement, as a screen shot, for a signal check

Powerful Customisable Reporting.

Need simplicity? Then start with our standard report template and change the order if required. Or select the data you want in each table/graph and display it in the order you want. You can even add your own branding in the header.

Need more? Then use our custom report builder and make you own design with total freedom. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Small but powerful.
PSG screening with ambulatory video.

The SOMNOtouch™ PSG is the smallest fully AASM compliant Polysomnography device on the market today. In addition our Home Sleep Camera is a innovative solution for synchronous video in an ambulatory setting – especially where reimbursement demands a video e.g. for paediatric or adult ambulatory  polysomnography. With this, synchronous video may be required, but one can’t have online recording due to network or location restrictions.

Even though it’s hardly larger than a credit card, real-time data is displayed on the high-resolution touch screen. In addition, the measurement data can also be transferred to tablet and smartphone for a signal check. Extremely light weight, only 64g including the battery, yet very powerful. Integrated sensors and the built-in Li-Ion battery keep the running costs per measurement low.

The headbox for ambulatory sleep staging records 4 EEG, 2 EOG and 1 EMG. In addition, combination sensors can be used to record PLM and ECG in order to complete the signals required for polysomnography.

Miniaturized Home & Ambulatory PSG Device

  • 10 Channel Headbox with 6 EEG/EOG, Ground, Reference, Continuous Impedance, 1 EMG
  • Combined sensor for effort, 1 channel ECG, 2 EMG for PLM
  • Pressure (Flow & Snore)
  • Effort (Thorax / Abdomen)
  • SpO2, Pulse rate
  • Body position
  • Movement (Sleep / Wake Determination)
  • CPAP/BiPAP – Pressure
  • Up to 16 channels can be connected via the two open auxiliary connectors, e.g. PLM, ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG.

Optional Video with mobile Camera

The Mobile camera includes:

  • Tripod, case
  • Power supply
  • Built in Infrared-illumination
  • Video resolution of 800 x 600 pixel, in the H.264 format
  • Audio
  • Record up to 90 hours of video.
  • It’s small in size (137 x 124 x 71 mm) and light at only 460 g.
  • The accuracy of the synchronization between recorded data and video is ± 1 second

In the software the following can be achieved:

  • Synchronous play to physiological data.
  • Selectable speed (stepwise between 0.25 and 100x) with loop option.
  • 150 MB/h video size

Ambulatory Video Work Flow
  1. Initialise a recording with SOMNOtouch™ PSG and the Home Sleep Camera.
    Both devices need to be connected to the same PC: The SOMNOtouch™ PSG via its docking station, and the Home Sleep Camera via LAN cable.
  2. Give SOMNOtouch™ PSG and Home Sleep Camera to the patient. Apply sensors and electrodes at the patient.
  3. Patient sets up camera at home in the evening: Assembles the tripod, connects to a power supply. The video recording will start automatically at the pre-definded time.
  4. After the measurement: Patient packs up the video and tripod and gives the whole package, including SOMNOtouch™ PSG back to the sleep lab
  5. Transfer recording including video. Both devices need to be connected to the same PC: The SOMNOtouch™ PSG via its docking station, and the Home Sleep Camera via LAN cable.

Docking Station for simplified handling

The docking station charges the Li-Ion battery of the SOMNOtouch ™ RESP and regularly loads free firmware updates. So your SOMNOtouch ™ RESP is always up to date.

The virtual docking station on the PC displays the current status of the device.

Intelligent Connect™

With the innovative Intelligent Connect™ Technology: Both AUX slots can be used for any sensor that fits, the devices automatically detects which sensor has been connected to it. Therefore patients can not confuse many of the sensors when they apply the device themselves; physicians on the other hand do not always have to pre-chose a montage.

Online signal check on a tablet or PC

Transfers the measured data to your tablet, PC or smart phone for instant signal check – right at the patients bedside or mobile as a screenshot. Transfer times and periods can be programmed individually.

Data analysis and report

  • Automatic & manual sleep staging
  • Synchronized video playback
  • Automatic event detection and immediate report printout
  • Additional respiratory analysis by effort-based phase angle analysis
  • Manual editing
  • Automatic detection of artifacts
  • Standard or user defined reports

Please visit our dedicated software page for more information.

Cuff-Less Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement (optional)

  • Systolic / diastolic blood pressure (in mmHg), beat-to-beat, records all maxima / minima
  • Recording of nocturnal blood pressure fluctuations *
  • Recording of the rise in baseline blood pressure during REM *
  • No annoying inflation of the cuff during the night, no disturbance of the patient
  • Minimized deviation due to body position change (minimization of the hydrostatic effect)
  • Suitable for all sizes, no different cuff sizes or cleaning necessary
  • Correlation of blood pressure with sleep-related events
SOMNOmedics uses an innovative patented algorithm to measure blood pressure via the Pulse Transit Time (PTT). The PTT is the time required for the pulse wave to propagate along the vessel wall between two defined points. In the case of the SOMNOtouch RESP – From the left ventricle of the heart (defined by the ´R´peak of the ECG) – to the detection of the pulse wave at the finger tip (detected by the plethysmograph).

Taking a one point calibration at the beginning of the sleep study allows us to `set` the software‘s algorithm – and measure blood pressure continuously throughout the measurement. Because every single pulse wave is detected, a continuous “Beat-to-Beat”- recording and analysis is possible. Reduce artifacts and increase the number of reliable data points – all in a continuous, non-invasive and non-reactive way.

Sleep Diagnostics for children?
As easy as 1,2,3....

SOMNOmedics is a global leader in pediatric sleep diagnostics, with some of the smallest devices offering a wide range of child specific sensors, as well as an home video option, it’s easy to see why we are the preferred choice.

  • Ambulatory or lab-based
  • Parent friendly ‘timed auto-start’ and camera setup
  • Specific neonate templates in software
  • Can be worn from 3 months of age
  • Many built in sensors – less cables