19th International Sales Meeting – a success!

  • dr Küchler presents at SOMNOmedics 19th International Sales meeting
    Dr Küchler, CEO and founder of SOMNOmedics, kicks of the 19th International Sales meeting

The 19th SOMNOmedics sales meeting for our international dealers was a resounding success. Taking place, as always, on the weekend before MEDICA, had 60 dealers and partners from around the globe converge on Randersacker for 1.5 days of meetings, presentations and of course fun.

The attendees were given a deep dive on 2 new products arriving early next year. The ABPMPro (a cuff but not as you know it!) and the HomeSleepTest (sleep staging at home).

In addition it allowed SOMNOmedics to award and acknowledge our top dealers by Captia as well as Fukuda Sangyo who took home the International Dealer of the year award.

The busy Saturday was topped off by a German/Bavarian Theme party that saw our head office training room transformed into the SOMNOmedics Brauhaus , complete with an Oompha band and various beer keller games.

With health and safety officials locked outside, various teams slid shots of Schnaps, built house of cards, sawed wood and held Beer Steins (1 ltr glasses filled with water) to a fun ending where there could only be one winning team.

After so much team building there was only one place to finish up the night – and that was on the dance floor.

With such a huge and successful event the only question left for those of us left standing – is how do we possibly top it next year….Answers on a postcard please!

We are humbled and of course delighted that so many dealers travel (often very far) to spend the weekend with us – and as such we are already counting the days until next years 20th anniversary event!

We wish our dealer who went onto MEDICA a very successful exhibition and for the rest a very safe trip home.