Coronavirus Update March 2020

Coronavirus update somnomedics

While we pride ourselves on the quality of our devices, we take just as much pride in something else: the relationship we have with you, our customers. That’s why at this challenging time we’re updating you on what we are doing during these unprecedented times.

All our people are following strict hygiene guidelines in line with WHO advice. In terms of practicalities, we’ll be fulfilling all our orders as usual, but if anything changes, we’ll let you know.

This week we have had to make some decisions about our team to ensure that our people can be part of our future and we can bring them back when things return to normal.

Rather than triggering any large scale home office or the ´standing -down´ of any of the team, we are instead moving to a system where the entre head office team will now work 50% of the time. This system is in place mainly for seasonal workers and is supported by the state (Bavarian) Government. The team has unanimously supported this move and it means that we can better weather this storm – longer – than it is expected to last. We are of course working with our people to support them during this period, including allowing them to take a range of leave options if preferred.

With this reduction in workforce will inevitably mean some delays in the team responding but our support team as well as our customer service team are well placed to maintain the normal high levels of service you expect from SOMNOmedics.

For 20 years, our customers have been, and continue to remain, our highest priority. We’ve weathered challenging times before but in the wake of the unprecedented impact of the Coronavirus, we’ve had to make decisions that we think will allow our service levels to be maintained, our staff to remain part of the SOMNOmedics family for as long as required and to ensure we stay flexible and alert to the changes that may still come.

We wish all our customers good health over the next few months and if anything changes we will let you know.