SLEEP DIAGNOSTICS FOR CHILDREN? SOMNOmedics is the clear solution

SOMNOmedics has long been a leader in pediatric sleep diagnostics throughout the world and now our SOMNOscreen HD, SOMNOscreen plus and SOMNOscreen Eco have also been approved by the FDA for use with children.

Pediatrics is a natural fit for SOMNOmedics, as we offer some of the smallest devices in the market, have several video options and have developed a wide range of child-specific sensors over the years.

The SOMNOscreen HD is our most powerful & flexible sleep diagnostic tool featuring:

  • Intelligent Connect ™ – Automatic sensor and electrode recognition – making montages a thing of the past
  • Color touch screen – Allows PC independent set-up, bio calibration & impedance check at the bedside
  • Special pediatric scoring template available in our DOMINO sleep diagnostics software
  • Telemetric data transfer while data is also stored automatically on an SD card – allowing full mobility of the child
  • Many built in sensors – less cables – meaning higher comfort for the child & care giver
  • A large range of pediatric sensors available
  • True wireless technology – real-time wireless data transmission
  • Easy to record extra diagnostic parameters: Our devices can record up to 16 additional external signals via our range of ‘optocouplers’

Find out more about our pediatric applications by calling us at 1-866-361-9937 (toll free) or by emailing us for an appointment at . And of course you can find more details on our website by clicking here.