Sleep for Non-Sleep Physicians Course – Jeddah

On the 1st February Ali Ewida  represented SOMNOmedics at the of the 4th Sleep for Non-Sleep Physicians Course, Jeddah at the Sleep Medicine & Research Center in the King Abdulaziz University Hospital.

The Sleep Medicine and Research Center is a specialised centre that provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the common sleep disorders in our community. The centre was initially founded at King Abdulaziz University Hospital in May 2011 and was expanded following its success, in April 2013 to accommodate a total of 4 rooms, fully equipped with the latest sleep medicine diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

The objectives for the course was to help non-sleep physicians better understand the most common sleep disorders, how to diagnose them and when to treat or refer patients to a specialist centre. The course was very well attended and we enjoyed being part of such a successful event.