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The actigraphy is mainly used to estimate the sleep-wake cycle. It is widely used as an aid in the diagnosis of insomnia, parasomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, and sleep-related movement disorders.

In addition to the movement of the patient, additional signals can be recorded with an extra sensor. For example, a 1 channel EEG or ECG may be written or the temperature or respiration of the patient monitored. Thus, the possibilities for exact diagnosis are improved.

Other actigraphy HIGHLIGHTS include:

  • Up to 25 days running time
  • Robust design
  • Possibility to add extra sensors for extended recordings (e.g. 1 channel EEG)
  • Data export in different formats
  • Expandable to other applications (e.g. tremor analysis, PLM detection)
  • Small and comfortable
A picture of the SOMNOwatch Plus wearable datalogger and strap.

SOMNOwatch Plus - Actigraphy

The SOMNOwatch® plus is a powerful, miniaturised, multi channel actigraphy recorder which is as comfortable and user-friendly as a watch.