A validated 80% time saving with computer assisted sleep staging and self-learning

blood pressure trends with correlation to sleep events

breathing effort analysis for better detection of central apnoea's

Import of old recorded data - Never lose your work history

Seamless integration with all PAP machines

Interface and analysis of external signals - e.g. C02, pH, Temp and NPT

Powerful Customisable Reporting.

Need simplicity? Then start with our standard report template and change the order if required. Or select the data you want in each table/graph and display it in the order you want. You can even add your own branding in the header.

Need more? Then use our custom report builder and make you own design with total freedom. The possibilities are nearly endless.


We are immensely proud of our Domino Sleep Diagnostic software. Not only does it pack all the standard sleep related functions but a staggering array of features and benefits that will suit even the most discerning sleep laboratory. Here is an overview of our customers favorite features:

  • Analysis according to AASM or R&K
  • Continuous impedance check
  • Adult and pediatric analysis
  • Detection of Chynestrokes, arousals based on pleth analysis
  • MSLT and split night reports
  • Unlimited Customized reports and Form letters
  • Export of whole case in self running file
  • Video editing
  • Continuous noninvasive BP based on PTT
  • Snore Topographic analysis for localization of snoring
Advanced Sleep Edit Mode

Sleep Diagnostic Software has Semi Automatic Analysis that can be done in 3-5 Min. Create individual thresholds for each user or for each individual patient. A validated* 80% time saving.


Inter Scorer Variability

Allows direct comparison of sleep staging and analysis results of different scorers. This is useful for examinations, studies, inter-laboratory test and for evaluation (Self test). Scorers will not be influenced by the results of the previous scorer.

A comparison of the analysis results of all saved scorers is available in the report for sleep stages, respiratory report, PLMs and arousals.


Continuous impedance recording

For standard impedance measurement the recording has to be interrupted. Our software continuously monitors impedence and highlights, in red, where a high impedence may have altered the signal.


Change Reference Source

During the recording a analysis source is lost or the data is not as comprehensive. Domino has the possibility to change the analysis source for the complete recording inside the software.

Export and Import Data

Possibility to analyze the signals using specialized software and and the measurements to other physicians not using DOMINO. There is also a GDT and HL7 Interface, you can export of data to MS Excel, EDF + and ASCII and Import data in EDF +. Archiving to CD, DVD, or network drive.

FTT Module

Displays the frequency components of a defined signal for a selected sequence. Spectral FFT module and a Spectral diagram of the signal over the selected period are both available

Heart rate variability

Time Domain: Statistical analysis of RR intervals

Poincare Plot: Graphical display which helps recognize ectopic heart beats and arrhythmias at a glance

Frequency Domain: Spectral analysis of HRV HF and LF band and calculation of Sympatho vagal balance which may reflect the current dominant Sympathetic and Vagal innervations