SOMNOmedics HomeSleepTest was included in a study on sleep in urticaria patients


NEW STUDY: “Pathobiology of Second-Generation Antihistamines Related to Sleep in Urticaria Patients”.

Our latest product, the SOMNOmedics Home Sleep Test (HST), was included in a study recently published in the journal “biology”.

It is known that patients with urticaria and atopic dermatitis often suffer from sleep disorders. Greater consideration should be given to objectively assess sleep quality in this patient group and to include improvement of sleep quality in their treatment regimen.

The present study examined the influence of different antihistamines on the sleep pattern and the relevance of sleep in ten urticaria patients. For this purpose, sleep of these patients was recorded for two nights using the SOMNOmedics Home Sleep Test. This screener enables sleep stages to be determined in the patient’s home environment. Thus, the so-called “first night effect”, which can occur during the first night in the sleep laboratory and leads to restless sleep, is excluded.

The patients were examined after five days on single dosage resp. on four-fold dosage of second-generation antihistamines. It was shown that the higher dosage reduced daytime sleepiness, decreased severity of insomnia and improved quality of life. A significant increase in REM sleep was observed and also an increase in N3 sleep. The results of this study show that administration of up-dosed second-generation antihistamines leads to an improvement in sleep patterns. Since sleep quality is closely associated with quality of life, improving sleep in urticaria patients can have additional therapeutic effects and prevent further comorbidities. The authors emphasize the relevance of further studies to confirm their findings and suggest that investigations of sleep quality should be encouraged in new drug registration studies.

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