SOMNOmedics now has a EMC test chamber!

A Compact Fully Anechoic 3m EMC Chamber for table-top EUT’s

Our new EMC test chamber was built by the world leader in EMC test chamber and they are based right here in Frankonia – the company is also called Frankonia – which makes it easy to remember. We felt in necessary to help us prepare all our devices for both radiated emission and radiated immunity testing Pre-Compliance.

Frankonia’s fully anechoic chamber solution at 3,0 m measuring distance on table top positioned EUT’s. It is designed as full compliant chamber for measurements under free-space conditions and is based on CISPR 16-1-4 (and of course CISPR 11) as a test site without ground plane.

It will improve our devices and processes by accelerating our product development curve as we no longer need to wait for test dates in the external laboratories. We will therefore know beforehand what the test result outcomes will be which allows us to better plan our product development strategy.

Of course – not every diagnostic device company has a chamber and it demonstrates once again SOMNOmedics commitment to providing the best devices built to the highest standards in the diagnostic market today.