Think out side the box

Looking for a diagnostic device that works for your unique research project or clinical study? 

Roller coaster record breaker

Mr Rodriguez also known as the King of Roller coasters spent 4 weeks on a roller coaster experiencing up to 5 G during the day and 3 G at night.

All under the watchful eye of the ever portable SOMNOscreen Plus diagnostic device. With only short breaks for food, comfort breaks and of course a change of clothes the SOMNOmedics device was up against the elements from the start.

We assisted in providing a full PSG telemetric recording according to the German R & K recording SPO2, pulse, body position, acceleration, ECG, light, system blood pressure (calculated) and respiration.


How is this as an alternative use for our diagnostic devices. It shows how our diagnostic devices can be used in many fields of research.

A studies on the effect of the T-TOUCH® – EEG on horses

The study was created to test the effect of of an alternative treatment method called T-TOUCH®  on 11 horses. The study would attempt to answer some of these questions by doing a long-term EEG analysis utilizing SOMNOmedics diagnostic equipment. With the devices being so portable and robust they made the transition from Human to animal very easy.



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