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With more than 25 years of experience in the field of sleep medicine we were involved right from the start – making sleep is passion.Just over 15 years ago, the SOMNOscreen™ was our first PSG system. It was so small and lightweight that it could be worn by the patient, allowing unprecedented mobility and comfort during measurements.

Our innovations, such as phase angle analysis, continuous blood pressure measurement without a cuff and our innovative sensors – like our intercostal EMG,  or combi-electrode for simplified sleep staging determination – are born out of solving everyday problems found in sleep medicine. Check out our publications here.

Our product family provides solutions for ambulatory & stationary applications: starting with actigraphy and polygraphy before moving up to the more sophisticated systems such as 32 Channel EEG polysomnography. Please find below our solutions for sleep diagnostics:

Please find below our solutions for sleep diagnostics: