Stationary video solutions for sleep laboratories and mobile solutions for video recording at the patient’s home.

Our camera solutions provide breakthrough solutions for synchronous video both inside and outside the sleep laboratory. The integration is quick in the DOMINO software and enables video display and recording in sync with the PSG data. Choose the perfect solution for your clinical application from a variety of stationary cameras.

For video recording at the patient’s home we specifically developed the HomeSleepCamera. The camera can be mounted anywhere on the included quality tripod. It only needs a power connection and automatically records the video synchronously. The integration takes place with just a few clicks in both DOMINO and DOMINO light for all our devices. The HomeSleep camera also enables the recording of mobile and synchronous video for inpatients in other rooms outside the sleep laboratory.

All our video solutions are made with for night time diagnostics in mind – so naturally include LAN conections for network compatibility and ease of set up, Infra red illumination (IR) so the camera can record in the dark and integrated speakers and microphones to enable an intercom system if required.



HD camera

Video Camera HD

HD camera with a very high resolution. During the recording, it is possible to display a second window in which you can digitally zoom. This model is recommended for use in neurological examinations. The camera can also be mounted rotated by 90 ° or 180 °.

  • Incl. wall / ceiling mount
  • Incl. video recording software
  • H.264 Video-Stream
  • Resolution: up to 3072 x 1728 pixels
  • Weight 1750 g
  • Dimensions 270 x 135×105 mm
  • Power DC 12 V, 2.5 A, max. 30 W

Item no.: VID95A

Home Sleep Camera

Our Home Sleep camera is a ground breaking solution for synchronous video, with recording onto its own internal memory, outside of the sleep lab

The recording of the video is timed and synchronized on the integrated memory. The video will be integrated into the PG or PSG data after recording. This camera is particularly suitable for investigations in the patient’s home or mobile in the hospital, if network integration of the video data is not possible. Up to 90 hours of stand-alone recording is possible.

  • Infrared Video Camera
  • Integrated IR illumination
  • Integrated microphone
  • Incl. tripod OPT207 and camera bag
  • Incl. video recording software
  • H.264 Video-Stream
  • Resolution: 800×600 pixels
  • USB stick 16 GB for data storage
  • Weight 460 g
  • Dimensions 137 x 124 x 71 mm
  • Power DC 5 V, 2 A, max. 10 W

Item no.: VID98A 


PZT camera

Video Camera HD

The VID150 offers 16x optical zoom, razor-sharp images in WQHD or 4K resolution, integrated IR illuminators, microphone and speakers, as well as autofocus. The camera can be controlled via PTZ control either directly in our DOMINO software, via a web browser or an installed third-party app. Access is password-protected. Of course, the camera is also compatible with synchronized recording, editing and archiving of recordings in DOMINO.

Item no.: VID150


Mainly used for out patient examinations with the home sleep camera. It includes a carry bag.

Item No: OPT207

A wheeled tripod which enables the use of the Home Sleep Camera (camera not included)

Item No: OPT184

Speaker and microphone system. Can be used with VID95.  Item No: KOMP46


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