History and Milestones

Our history starts with our latest additions to our family of devices and works backwards from there. See below for details and above for a rather lovely graphic presentation of our timeline. 


  • On February 8, the transformation of SOMNOmedics GmbH into SOMNOmedics AG is completed


  • Insomnia diagnostics made easy with the HomeSleepTest: an effective and reliable screener for objective sleep staging at the patients’ home
  • Ambulatory long-term blood pressure measurement with ABPMpro: high diagnostic value thanks to simultaneous recording of actigraphy, body position and heart rate. Upgradeable to Holter ECG and continuous blood pressure measurement with or without cuff inflation
  • NARCOguide: EEG-based guidance of anaesthesia


  • Sustainable packaging: new paper-based packaging leads to a reduction of plastic by 90%
  • Foundation of the SOMNOmedics employee representative committee




  • SOMNOmedics history and milestones starts with the SOMNO HD eco which joins the HD generation of PSG with 55 channels which can be upgraded to 70 channels. Its a new kind of simple.
  • The SOMNOtouch™ PSG – One of the smallest touchscreen PSG device in the world. Bringing value to the PSG diagnostic device segment.


  • Wireless PLM for polysomnography with SOMNO HD: More comfort for the patient – Simplifying application, reducing errors and running costs
  • Intercostal EMG – Best for recording respiratory effort signals




  • Implementation of the Schiller Software for Long Term EEG analysis
  • Validation of the SOMNOtouch™ NIBP, non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitor according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol by Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Parati


  • SOMNOtouch™ NIBP: The all rounder for Cardiology with Long Term Blood Pressure Measurement, Holter ECG, Oximetry, Actigraphy, vPWV (Pulse wave velocity)
  • SOMNOtouch™ RESP: smallest cardio-respiratory Screener with immediate online signal check
  • Stationary Headbox for neurological applications



  • SOMNOwatch™ plus LED: Continuous Display of Blood Pressure, Actigraphy, Heart Rate, PLM, Sleep and respiratory Events
  • Complete equipment of Germany’s biggest Sleep Lab with SOMNOscreen™ plus (34 systems parallel)


  • Launch of the 32-Channel-Headbox for SOMNOscreen™ – small and portable Long-Term-EEG device with real-time wireless data transfer
  • SOMNOwatch™ plus EEG6 – smallest Long-Term-EEG-Recorder with continouos impedance recording
  • SOMNOwatch™ plus TEMP – Long-Term in-ear measurement of temperature for determination of the circadian rhythm


  • Launch of SOMNOwatch™ plus:
    SOMNOwatch™ plus BP: Long-Term Blood Pressure Recording using the PTT, continouos, non-reactive, non-invasive
  • SOMNOwatch™ plus R&K: Sleep Staging according to Rechtschaffen und Kales


  • Release of new software version, complying to the new AASM Standards
  • Foundation of SOMNOmedics Office Middle East and SOMNOmedics Office China
  • Installation of the 1600th SOMNOscreen™
  • Distribution in more than 40 Countries worldwide
  • Launch of the SOMNOwatch™ plus – miniaturised 8 Channel Recorder


  • Foundation of SOMNOmedics America
  • Relocation in the new Company Building in Randersacker
  • FDA Approval for SOMNOscreen™ and SOMNOscreen™ EEG 10-20
  • Certification for Canada, Taiwan and Russia
  • Launch of the SOMNOscreen™ plus – with digital Headbox – complies with AASM criteria
  • Installation of the 1000th SOMNOscreen™


  • Foundation of SOMNOmedics Italia and SOMNOmedics AT Medizintechnik GmbH
  • Launch of the SOMNOwatch™ – miniaturised Aktometer with Options for Flow, EEG, ECG and Movement Analysis


  • Launch of the SOMNOscreen™ EEG 10-20 – 45 Channel EEG/PSG incl. Photo Stimulation
  • Installation of the 400th SOMNOscreen™


  • Release of different Options such as Capnography, EDA (electro dermal activity), pH, Oesophageal Pressure and NPT (Nocturnal Penile Tumescence)



SOMNOmedics history and milestones of SOMNOmedics ends where it all began with the founding of the company in Kist