Consumables, accessories and alternative product solutions for your sleep, PG, PSG EEG, ECG, EOG, LTM, HST studies. 

Keeping consumable and accessory cost as low as possible is vital to a successful diagnosis clinic. Besides our own SOMNOmedics sensors, belts and additional items, you will find here a broad range of affordable consumables and electrodes.


lic2® low impedance cream

Best alternative adhesive paste for Cup Electrodes

Why use Lic2? Use it for increased patient comfort, improved signal quality* and your patients will thank you as its very easy to remove.

(Comparison of 34 PSG measurements; number of samples N=132, T-Test with p<0.05)

(Art.-Nr. SEN035)

Lic2 EEG electrode cream. A new type of cream as a replacement for EC2 cream

Nasal/Oral cannulla

An alternative to a nasel canulla & thermistor set-up!

Reduce your disposable costs per patient with this innovative nasal oral cannula, it comes with a standardized luer connector, is easy to apply and comfortable to wear and offers high quality measurements. See the study here.

Item no: SEN118A

Nasel Canulla

High patient comfort at a low price.

Our nasel canulla comes with a standardized Luer-Lock connection is simple application and comes sterile so there is no disinfection required. It also comes at a very attractive price to help reduce the cost per sleep study.

Item no.: SEN115A


Disposable electrodes

Reduce your disposable costs per patient

Recommended for ECG and EMG recordings and fits all SOMNOmedics products, as well as many other devices. The Silver/Silver Chloride disposable electrode pad comes with a Snap fastener (2.8 x 4.5 cm).

Item no: SEN012A

Gold Cup Electrodes

Save over 30 % compared with the next major competitor product

The special shape of the SOMNOmedics Gold Cup Electrodes allows easy placement of the electrodes on the scalp (EEG) or on the patients face (EOG). SOMNOmedics Gold Cup Electrodes provide a constant and reliable signal during EEG, PSG EMG, ECG, EOG and Video-EEG-Long-Term-Monitoring (LTM). Our low impedance electrodes are equipped with a special low-noise cable.

Various item numbers depending on length

Gold cup electrodes accessories and consumables for diagnostics

Disposable CPAP-Adapter inkl. hose

Disposable CPAP adaptor for hygenic titration

CPAP adapter incl. Silicone tube come with a standard Luer-Lock connection making it suitable for all SOMNOmedics devices as well for devices of many other manufacturers. A useful hose length of 80 cm makes it easz to use and of coure zou can expect reliable and qulitz measurement results.

Item no: SEN924A


We also carry many other accessories includng but not limited to: Sensors, electrodes, RIP Belts, Spare Batteries
and much much more….

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