• ABPMpro on patient - high patient comfort
    Simple application: The ABPMpro slides directly on to the cuff. Without any tube needed, it provides high patient comfort.

ABPMpro: Oscillometric 24-hour Blood Pressure Measurement

The ABPMpro is a compact and easy-to-use, long-term blood pressure monitor
that provides higher diagnostic value by simultaneously and continuously recording
actigraphy, body position and heart rate.

With external sensors, the ABPMpro is modularly upgradeable to a Holter ECG and
for continuous blood pressure measurement based on the Pulse Transit Time (PTT).
When all external sensors are applied, the measurement method (oscillometric / PTT)
can be chosen individually or both methods can even be combined.

The ABPMpro at a glance

Ambulatory long-term blood pressure measurement
Tradition meets Innovation

Why should you choose ABPMpro?

Device slides directly on to the cuff

High patient comfort. Easy application.
No tube needed!

Internal ECG electrodes for
continuous recording of heart rate

Correlation of blood pressure and heart rate allows for the detection of physical and psychological stress

Measurement during inflation
and/or deflation

Back-up measurement during deflation if some artefacts occur during inflation.
Increased information due to twice the number of measurement values

Internal sensor for activity
and body position

Sleep-wake-estimation, precise
classification of dipping / non-dipping.

Correlation of blood pressure to
activity and body position

measurement intervals

3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 60 minutes programmable.
Sound signal before measurement start

Graphical display of
inflation/deflation process 

Shows the inflation process in the software for a verification of the measured blood pressure values

ABPMpro is validated according to AAMI/ESH/ISO Universal Standard

You can read the validation paper here
(external link to the journal Blood Pressure Monitoring)

Upgradeable at any time

External sensors

3-Channel ECG sensor (Holter)

  • Integrated body position sensor (thorax)
  • Impedance cardiography for determination of
    – Breathing frequency (Central apneas / Cheyne-Stokes breathing)
    – Pre-ejection period (PEP)
  • Alternatively: pacemaker detection
Application of ABPMpro with 3-channel ECG

Plethysmography sensor

  • Detection of pulse wave
  • Pulse wave analysis (PWA)
  • Detection of autonomous arousal based on the pleth signal
Application of ABPMpro with 3-channel ECG and pleth sensor

When using both sensors:

Continuous, non-invasive blood pressure measurement WITHOUT inflation of the cuff
based on the pulse transit time (PTT)

  • Systolic / diastolic blood pressure values (in mmHg), beat-to-beat
  • Heartbeat-precise representation of the blood pressure curve with all minima and maxima
  • Detection of NBPF (Nocturnal Blood Pressure Fluctuations)
  • No falsification of the measured values – no disturbance of sleep, no resulting blood pressure increase

Calculation of the pulse wave velocity (PWV) as a measure of arterial stiffness

Flexible blood pressure measurement methods: Individual choice of measurement method or combination of both methods (oscillometric / PTT)