Connecting external devices has never been easier. SOMNOmedics offers the possibility to record signals from external devices directly with your SOMNOmedics products. Thus, e.g. the therapy settings of the PAP devices are recorded during a polysomnography, or a capnometry with the SOMNOtouch can be recorded.

We offer you optimized solutions for your specific usage scenarios, from miniaturized single-channel optocouplers to the extensive 16-channel ADC board. Of course, the connection is made while maintaining patient safety through a galvanic isolation between the external device and your SOMNOmedics product.

Ready-made connection cables to your device are available on request. Click HERE to go there now


Optocoupler - Easily record the signals from external devices into our PSG

Our miniaturized optocouplers integrate the external signals directly into our diagnostic devices (SOMNO HD, SOMNOscreen, SOMNOtouch). This means that  data can also be recorded outside of the sleep lab, via an online measurement, with our diagnostic software – DOMINO. The optocouplers can easily be worn on the body as they do not restrict the patients  range of motion during a measurement.

1 Channel Optocoupler


SOMNO HD Product Family:                              NGA100
SOMNOscreen plus Device:                                 SSC082
SOMNOtouch Product Family                             TOS120

4 Channel Optocoupler

Connecting external devices has never been easier than with SOMNOmedics Optocpuplers and ADC boards


SOMNO HD Product Family:                            NGA104
SOMNOtouch Product Family                          TOS121

ADC board - stationary signal integration directly in DOMINO

The rugged ADC boards are not worn on the patient but are generally used in a sleep laboratory environment and can easily be hidden if required. The connection of the ADC board to the PSG is conveniently via a LAN (CAT5) cable. Up to 16 channels are read in parallel and displayed directly in the DOMINO software making a powerful solution for connecting external devices.

The connection of the external devices to our ADC-boards takes place flexibly via standard jack sockets (3.5 mm). We offer a number of ready made connecting cables – for common devices and are available on request.Click HERE for more information.

8 channel ADC board


The small ADC board provides eight channels for connecting external devices. It offers a cost-effective entry into the professional integration of stationary external devices. Yoou can also use this ADC baord to ntegrate several therapy signals of your PAP device into the PSG measurement during therapy/titration control.


16 channel ADC board

With 16 channels, you have the ultimate flexibility and control of your external devices and signals. Doing research? You no longer need to limit your scope by the number of signals – with SOMNOmedics the possibilities are almost endless. Isn’t it time you invested in the freedom to record more signals synchronously.


Prefabricated connecting cables for your devices

For some devices we offer an off the shelf service. Order them directly:

An example of a external connecting cable for a PSG sleep diagnostic device from SOMNOmedics.


Respsense medair/ Nonin Lifesense (EtCO2)              EXT001/A

Sentec (PCO2)                                                                   EXT011/A

TCM 4/TCM CombiM (PCO2)                                          EXT016/A

TOSCA 500 (tcPCO2)                                                        EXT019/A

TCM 5 (tpCO2)                                                                  EXT021/A


For all other devices, please complete this questionnaire.