In Europe – our SOMNOtouch just got better – with the full version of DOMINO powering your SOMNOtouch PSG you now have online data transfer capabilities bringing the SOMNOtouch PSG inline with the rest of our powerful and mobile PSG family.

Small, lightweight and powerful – the new SOMNOtouch offers full AASM compliant Polysomnography as well as the ability to add a camera for AASM standard polysomnography in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Adding to this innovation is our intelligent connect function – allowing sensors to be freely selected and attached without the need to pre-select a montage. Making life easier for the Sleep Lab technicians as well as the patient in an ambulatory setting. Add to this very attractive pricing – means the new SOMNOtouch PSG is well positioned to become our customers go-to PSG device.

With excellent cost per patient the SOMNOtouch PSG offers unparalleled ROI in a future proof package. The new SOMNOtouch PSG is available to buy from your local SOMNOmedics office or your dealer subject to local regulatory requirements. Call for a demo today.

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