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Is your current system being discontinued? Are you ready to revolutionize your sleep studies?
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– Experience unparalleled accuracy and reliability in sleep monitoring technology.
– Enjoy advanced features designed to streamline your workflow and enhance patient comfort.
– Benefit from cutting-edge software solutions for comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

Easy to Switch:
– Data continuity – retain your previous measurements by importing them into SOMNOmedics’ analysis software via EDF.
– Compatible disposables – use some of your previously purchased disposables with your new SOMNOmedics system.

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– Trade in your old sleep monitoring equipment and unlock up to 20% savings when you upgrade to SOMNOmedics’ state-of-the-art sleep diagnostics.

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– Maximize efficiency and accuracy in your sleep lab with SOMNOmedics PSG systems.
– Empower your team to deliver superior patient care and achieve better outcomes.

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