SOMNOtouch™ RESP eco


  • The SOMNOtouch RESP eco PG, sleep screener HST may be small but its powerful.
    The SOMNOtouch™ RESP eco

12 Channels with Proven Signal Quality

No Thermistor Needed

Outstanding Cost/Benefit Ratio

Simple To Use

Small Compact Robust Design

Easy to Apply, Run & Analyse

  • Correlation between body position and respiratory events – to better differentiate between patients requiring positional training devices or CPAP therapy
  • Measure RERA’s to help distinguish between AHI and RDI
  • Cheyne Stokes analysis in combination with pulse rate, gives insight to cardiorespiratory health
  • Extensive CPAP pressure report – better define the ideal fixed pressure for your patients.
  • Bruxism screener (optional) – addressing the growing trend toward dental sleep medicine


Sleep Screening starts with the SOMNOtouch™ RESP eco.

The SOMNOtouch RESP eco joins the SOMNOtouch™ family of products and is positioned primarily at the doctor who only requires a simple respiratory sleep screening device.

Responding to the growing demand for low cost home sleep screening devices – the SOMNOtouch™ RESP eco will have 12 channels including one of two optional sensors: abdomen effort or bruxism. Using the smart intelligent connect system and a combined data and charging USB cable it is very easy for the clinic and patient to set up and use.

Available Channels

Integrated Sensors:

  • Flow
  • CPAP pressure
  • snore,
  • SpO2,
  • pulse rate,
  • plethysmogram,
  • activity,
  • thoracic effort,
  • battery voltage,
  • body position,
  • patient marker

1 x additional sensor can be added (cost option) for either abdomen effort or bruxism

No thermistor needed

Flow and snore is recorded with a disposable nasal-oral cannula – together with flow linearization in DOMINO light software, allows high sensitivity and specificity in detecting respiratory events.* Click on the link below to view the study.

Diagnostic utility of a nasal/oral cannula with linearized pressure flow in comparison to AASM recommended combination of thermal and nasal pressure sensor.
Gert Küchler, Ingo Fietze, Markku Partinen, Poul Joergen Jennum, Holger Hein, Ralf Warmuth. European Respiratory Journal Sep 2017, 50 (suppl 61) PA2297; DOI: 10.1183/1393003.congress-2017.PA2297.

Simple easy to use interface

  • Easy to use for both practitioner and patient
  • Quick start function – one standard montage
  • Easy to use pre-configured sleep reports
  • Marker button to notify of interesting events

One cable – for charging and data transfer

  • 60min fast charge for an 8h night recording
  • Fast data transfer (Approx. 90s for a full nights study)
  • PC interface – graphical based control
  • Powerful software based on existing DOMINO software platform
  • Manual, semi-auto and automatic scoring available

Data analysis and report

  • Automatic event detection and immediate report printout
  • Additional respiratory analysis by effort-based phase angle analysis
  • Manual editing
  • Automatic detection of artifacts
  • Standard or user defined reports

Please visit our dedicated software page for more information.


Our devices are only as good as the reports that are produced. That is why our sleep diagnostic reporting tool is powerful and configurable. To see a sample report please click below where you will be able to see full report.