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Christmas is HERE!

Christmas decorations 2019 – Once again the Christmas decoration elves have been busy at our head office over the weekend. This beautiful Advents calendar suddenly appeared and is loaded to the gunwales with chocolate, gift vouchers and small bottles of schnapps!

The team at SOMNOmedics LOVES this latest evolution of gifts and think every advent calendar (for adults obviously) should contain more alcohol and chocolate! Each day belongs to a different department and there is strict rules in place to avoid any furtive swapping of goodies between days.

Here in the marketing department our day is the 7th Dec – and we have already made an inventory of what awaits – to simply avoid any misdemeanours you understand.

We hope your offices are equally festive and we would love to see them. Why not post a picture of your Christmas decorations in the comments section below.

In the words of John Snow – Christmas is coming.

The marketing team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who has followed us here on LinkedIn, commented or otherwise supported us a very happy festive season!