SOMNOscreen™ plus


  • The optional Android App allows you to do a signal check on a tablet or smart phone.
    The optional Android App allows you to do a signal check on a tablet or smart phone.

16 Bit ADC. Adjustable from 4/s to 512/s


Colour & Mechanical Coded Inputs


Robust design but still allows bedside bio-calibration


Shortest EEG Electrode with Continuous Impedance Check


Installed in over 5000 Sleep labs world wide


Online Remote Signal Check

Powerful Customizable Reporting.

Need simplicity? Then start with our standard report template and change the order if required. Or select the data you want in each table/graph and display it in the order you want. You can even add your own branding in the header.

Need more? Then use our custom report builder and make you own design with total freedom. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The original portable PSG device.

With over 5,000 devices sold and permanently refined for 15 years: The SOMNOscreen™ plus stands for proven and reliable quality in polysomnography. 

The SOMNOscreen plus is a compact In-Lab PSG system with 33 channels that is upgradable to 58 channels. It offers the maximum flexibility in diagnostics. Whether you are analyzing the measurement according to the AASM standard or configurations for specific studies the SOMNOscreen™ plus can be upgraded at any time and offers the possibility of performing PG screenings, outpatient and stationary PSGs and even certain neurological applications using the EEG 32 headbox.

Thanks to the built-in data transmitter, the SOMNOscreen™ plus always works wirelessly – allowing your patients to move around freely. In addition, the measurement is saved on the on-board memory card. 

We also offer extensive video options that will ensure you can offer reliable, industry leading sleep studies night after night.

Compact In-Lab PSG Device

SOMNOscreen plus – stationary polysomnography

  • 17 Channel Headbox with 12 EEG/EOG, Ground, Reference, Continuous Impedance, 2 EMG
  • OPTIONAL – 32 Channel Headbox with 25 EEG/EOG with continuous Impedance, 6 Differential, 1 ECG
  • 2 PLM
  • Pressure (Flow & Snore)
  • Flow Thermistor
  • Effort (Thorax / Abdomen)
  • SpO2, Pulse rate
  • Body position
  • Movement (Sleep / Wake Determination)
  • CPAP/BiPAP – Pressure
  • Microphone
  • wireless data receiver


Optional Video

The Camera with integrated data receiver includes:

  • LAN-Infrared video Camera
  • Integrated IR illumination
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Integrated BT-receiver
  • Incl. wall / ceiling mount
  • Incl. video recording software
  • H.264 Video-Stream
  • Resolution: 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Weight 688 g
  • Dimensions 157 x 127 x 125 mm
  • Power DC 5 V, 2 A, max. 10 W

We have a number of high end video solutions available. To find out more please visit our dedicated VIDEO page. Please click HERE.

In the software the following can be achieved:

  • Synchronous play to physiological data.
  • Selectable speed (step-wise between 0.25 and 100x) with loop option.


Data analysis and report

  • Computer aided analysis according to AASM or R&K
  • Continuous impedance check
  • Computer aided detection of Cheyne Stokes, arousals based on pleth analysis
  • MSLT and split night reports
  • Unlimited Customized reports and Form letters
  • Export of whole case in self running file
  • Video editing
  • PTT (Pulse Transit Time)
  • Snore Topographic analysis for localization of snoring
  • Integrated scheduler for fast start of study
  • Flexible individual screen layouts
  • Graphic based montage editor
  • Reanalysis at any time
  • Archiving to CD/DVD or network drive Customized Keyboard shortcuts
  • User manager for individual access rights & compatible with windows access rights
  • Sample Epochs added to final report
  • Obstruction level analysis

Please visit our dedicated software page for more information.


Additional Options

  • Nasal/Oral Flow Sensor Thermistor
  • SLP Thermistor
  • Flowsensor Thermistor
  • SLP Thermistor
  • Flowsensor Thermistor with hanger for Nasal Cannula
  • Microphone for Snoring detection
  • Activity Sensor for Sleep/Wake detection
  • Active PLM Electrode (EMG)
  • 1-channel ECG Electrode
  • CPAP Pressure Sensor
  • Effort Sensor without belt
  • MUX Interfaced Measurement Adapter (for the connection of 2 Inductive Effort Belts SEN660-SEN664)
  • NONIN Flexible Finger Sensors for Pulse Oximeter
  • Analogue Optocoupler – Connecting external devices to the SOMNOscreenTM plus (An additional charge for the adaption depending on the needed equipment will be added)
  • External ADC Board – 8 Channels
  • Simplified Sleep Stage Evaluation (ambulatory) 1 EEG / 2 EOG – Combi sensor,
  • Photic Stimulator

Valid from 1st September 2018 – Subject to Change without Notice Rev. 1