Validation of the ABPMpro according to AAMI/ESH/ISO Universal Standard (ISO 81060-2:2018)

Our ABPMpro for ambulatory oscillometric long-term blood pressure measurement is particularly convincing due to its high wearing comfort for the patient, as it is worn directly on the cuff and does not require an additional tube or recorder. Furthermore, it offers a high diagnostic significance due to the simultaneous recording of actigraphy, body position and heart rate.

The upcoming June issue of the journal Blood Pressure Monitoring now publishes the validation of the ambulatory oscillometric blood pressure measurement on the upper arm with the ABPMpro.

The validation study has been conducted at rest and during dynamic exercise. The ABPMpro device fulfilled all requirements and therefore was validated according to AAMI/ESH/ISO Universal Standard (ISO 81060-2:2018).

You can read the validation paper here.