Word Sleep Day 2022


The average bat sleeps for up to 20 hours daily before it flutters off again, well rested. But we know that for our regeneration not only the quantity of sleep is relevant – the quality of our sleep plays a key role!
Today, we’re celebrating World Sleep Day 2022 with the motto “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World”.  Every year, World Sleep Day is celebrated to draw the public’s attention to sleep, which has such a huge impact on our lives, our quality of life and our mental performance.

This year, the focus is on sleep quality. However, whether we’ve slept well or not is often related to our subjective perception of the previous night.

Would you like more solid data on sleep quality? With our Home Sleep Test, an objective analysis of sleep stages can easily be performed in the patient’s home – so that sleep quality is no longer left in the dark!

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