The Cuffless Solution.


Our Beat-to-Beat Reporting.

Imagine being able to see a patient’s cardio-health over 24 hours: Where you can see a continuous, reaction-less beat-to-beat data set. That’s now possible thanks to the big data provided by our patented PTT method. Click below to see an example of a 24h blood pressure report from our analytics software.

Our Methodology.

Our Technical Highlights.

ABPM starts with the somnoTOUCH™ NIBP.

The SOMNOtouch™ NIBP represents the latest generation of ambulatory blood pressure recording at CARDIOdiagnostics a division of SOMNOmedics. It measures blood pressure continuously, beat-to-beat, based on the pulse transit time (PTT).

The PTT is the time required for the pulse wave to propagate along the vessel wall between two defined points. In the case of the SOMNOtouch NIBP – From the left ventricle of the heart (defined by the ´R´peak of the ECG) – to the finger tip (detected by the plethysmograph).

5 Simultaneous measurements in one device

In addition to the continuous, non-reactive long-term blood pressure measurement, further diagnostically relevant information are simultaneously recorded in one measurement:

  • Holter ECG (3 channel)
  • Oximetry
  • Actigraphy
  • Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) as a measure of arterial stiffness

Due to the parallel recording, the measurement results can be correlated directly with each other, which allows a deeper insight into the nocturnal blood pressure behaviour.

Continuous ABPM with every heart beat

The course of nocturnal blood pressure has a high diagnostic value.
Continuous blood pressure determination without a cuff offers a multitude of advantages in nocturnal blood pressure measurements during sleep:

  • Continuous Measurement: Covers all maxima and minima in blood pressure history and shows all information about blood pressure during sleep. This allows more accurate findings about nocturnal blood pressure behavior and to determine dipping / non-dipping safely.
  • Safe Diagnosis: Continuous recording of blood pressure without measurement errors caused by inflation of the cuff. The patient is not disturbed by inflating the cuff (arousal reaction). Thus, there is no falsification of the measured values.
  • Thanks to the measurement without a cuff, which patients often find very unpleasant when inflating, the SOMNOtouch™ NIBP offers maximum comfort for the patients.
  • NBPF (Nocturnal Blood Pressure Fluctuations) after sleep disturbances (e.g. apnea, periodic leg movements) can be detected by the beat-to-beat blood pressure recording. These allow direct conclusions to the cardiovascular risk for the patient.
  • The hydrostatic effect during body position changes is minimized.

Long-term ECG
3 channel ECG
The following reports are offered as standard.
• ECG report
• Stress report based on HRV
• Export to different file formats (EDF, SCP, ASCII, etc.)
However for advanced analysis we offer a Schiller software plugin for our Domino Software (optional)
ECG Holter analysis: analysis of arrhythmias and ST-distance measurement.
Data analysis and report

Blood Pressure Report
  • Continuous 24 hour blood pressure profile´
  • Detection of Dipper / Non-Dipper
  • Detection of NBPF™ (Nocturnal Blood Pressure Fluctuations) as an indicator for cardic stress
  • Determination of the superposition effect of the Blood Pressure
  • Clear sleep/wake allocation by actigraphy
ECG Report
  • ECG Holter Analysis with Schiller Software Plug-in: Arrhythmia analysis and ST segment measurement (optional, sold separately)
  • Stress report based on HRV
 Oximetry Report
  • Display of the blood Oxygen saturation and the correlation between nocturnal SpO2 and nocturnal blood pressure
  • Detection of respiratory based changes of the blood pressure (optional)

Extra Optional Sensors

  • 3 channel ECG with body position
  • SpO2 Flexi-Wrap
  • 1 EEG / 2 EOG Combi Sensor (for ambulatory sleep staging)
  • Flow / Pressure Sensor
  • 2 channel PLM
  • Analogue Optocoupler

These sensors allow a correlation of blood pressure values with other diagnostic parameters (e.g. desaturations (respiratory analysis) or PLMs).

Further Information.

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